HI! I am iWancy, and I will help you to make perfect gifts!!!

present“Today I am going to find the present for…”, well… if you also believe that this is one of those sentences that are easier to say than to do, then you are in the right blog. Congrats 😉

Let’s be honest, to be able to make cool presents

is not so easy, and even those who are really good at it could run out of time or ideas.

At this point the first thing that you could think about is “I go through online shops and the problem is solved”.

Ok, I admit this is the answer that we – from iWancy – used. Bu actually this is also one of the main reasons why we felt the need of creating iWancy, and now you will know what I mean.

If we consider the huge amount of e-commerce shops in the web it looks like evry gift idea is just “a click” far from us. Nevertheless the real feeling is that all we get from the web is not meant to really help us but simply a “I’ll smash on your face as many products as possible hoping that you will buy at least one of them”. I goti it, right?

It seems that the real aim is just to make us “BUY BUY BUY”…you search online to get ideas in a simple and fast way and you often end up with never ending surfing among thousands of products. Still stuck with your initial indecision.

Let’s see if I can make an example: every e-commerce is like a big pool full of cool things to buy, telling you “What are you waiting for? Dive in! You can find everything, for sure you will get what you are looking for!”. Of course, what you are looking for is probably there, but it is always you who has to intensively search for the gift that best suits the receiver and the occasion.

Personally I prefer to chill out taking a cool sunbath, drinking a nice cocktail at the border of the pool. I want to enjoy it while someone dives into the huge pool, look for what I need and fish out from the thousands of products the ones tailored to my needs.


That’s actually iWancy. But not only, with our App and this blog, iWancy does not want to tell you “BUY BUY BUY”, it only wants to be USEFULL and HELPFUL for you.

Yep, useful, because to make a present does not mean only to buy it.

iWancy wants to help you in every single step, from chosing what to give as a gift, to suggest the most romantic or funny (depending on the occasion) way to deliver it.

“The excellence of a gift consists in its pertinence more than its value” and with us you will discover the big world hidden behind the word “pertinence”.

To give right, funny, original ideas and hints on how to make the perfect gift – this is the aim of this blog-.

To show you that iWancy is your best friend on finding the right present, we invite you to mail us at info@iwancy.com and ask for any hint concerning gifts or a surprise to do.

Not only, if you are really impatient to become infallible, you can mail us and ask for the e-book “How to make the perfect gift”, completely for free.


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Ah, I almost forgot… To make a present is pretty coo, that’s true. But it is also nice to receive a nice one, right? Well, share the article if you like it.Let your friends enter in iWancy World and forget about wrong gifts. 😉

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